What You Need to Know About Fishing Charter Safety in Pensacola, FL

A day spent fishing is a day of fun and relaxation. You can forget about life’s stresses for a few hours and just focus on reeling in a few prize-winning fish! But that relaxing day can turn into a nightmare pretty quickly if you’re not being safe out on the open water. This post will teach you what you need to know about fishing charter safety in Pensacola, FL:

  • Tell someone you’re leaving: Always tell a friend or family member that you’re heading out to go fishing and when to expect you back. If you’re not home at a reasonable hour, your loved ones can alert the authorities.
  • Pack extra safety equipment: Flashlights, maps, extra water, a first aid kit and even an emergency radio are just a few of the safety items you should always have on board your boat. These items can be lifesavers in emergency situations.
  • Wear life jackets: Everyone on the boat needs to have a life vest on at all times. Sadly, even the most experienced swimmers can drown if they happen to topple overboard and fall in the water.
  • Check the conditions: Before you leave for the day, check the water conditions and weather forecast. If the water is choppy or if a storm is approaching, you’re much better off staying at home and waiting until it’s a nice, calm day.
  • Only fish in permitted areas: Fishing is only allowed in select areas for a few reasons. First, certain areas are designated preservation zones where it’s illegal to reel in fish. Second, some areas are just too dangerous to be in, which is why they’re off limits. Make sure you know where you can and cannot cast a line.
  • Wear proper shoes: Sandals are great for a day at the beach. Wearing them on a fishing boat, however, can turn into a disaster really quickly. Always wear non-skid, rubber-soled shoes. This footwear helps ensure you won’t slip and fall, especially if the water gets rough on your fishing charter in Pensacola, FL.
  • Bring sunscreen: Nothing ruins a day quite like a sunburn. Protect yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays by putting on sunscreen before you head out, and reapply it throughout the afternoon. Additionally, consider wearing a hat and long-sleeved shirt to further protect yourself.
  • Take care when baiting: Putting bait on the hook can be tricky, especially if the boat is rocking back and forth. Be extra careful when baiting the hook to ensure you don’t puncture your skin or cut yourself.
  • Handle fish carefully: You’re sorely mistaken if you think fish are going to come up onto the boat without a fight—and once they’re in the boat, they’ll do whatever it takes to get back in the water! Always handle them carefully to ensure they don’t slip out of your hands.

Make sure your next fishing trip is as safe as can be by choosing Entertainer Charters, LLC for your next fishing charter in Pensacola, FL. Our professionals guarantee a fun and safe day out on the water!