Splash September

I am ready for these summer rain showers to cease and let the fall weather move in and take its place. The three F’s are here and they consist of fall, football and fishing.

For some reason the magical day is always around the 15th of September. This is when we receive our first real cold front and the temperatures begin to drop off a little. The cooler dry air that these fronts push down will bring us some gorgeous days and some great fishing.

The water quality will be at its best for the year during the fall and that will bring in lots of baitfish and just behind the baitfish is a what we are looking for, action.

The King and Spanish mackerel will begin showing up in strong numbers as they too follow this bait. These fish can be caught back up in the bay area, along the Ft. Pickens beaches and off any of the gulf fishing piers as well.

For those with a boat, the buoy line in the ship channel always hold a lot of mackerel as well as all the near shore artificial reefs. Of course live bait would be the bait of choice and preferably a cigar minnow.

Also near shore back up in the intracoastal waterway, the Redfish and Speckle trout will begin to move onto the grass flats and can produce some great light tackle action.

The bottom fishing off shore will be at its finest for the next few months. This is again due to the increased water conditions that are brought in with the southeasterly currents. All that Mississippi River water will be pushed back to the west where it belongs.

Our staple Snapper here during the fall is the Vermilion snapper. These fish are a cousin to the Red Snapper and are very plentiful. The daily bag limit is 10 per person as compared to 2 for the Reds. A limit is easily caught on a ½ day trip and they are very tasty.

Another reef fish that locals enjoy is the Greater Amberjack. Often referred to as the “reef donkey” because they are large and stubborn. These jacks hang around most any of the larger public reefs and love live bait. They are very tough fighters and can range in size for 20-120 pounds. If you want a fight that will put you on your knees, here it is.

Further off shore on the bottom, all species of Groupers will remain open thru the end of the year. The shallow water Groupers consist of the Gag, Red and Scamp. The deeper groupers are the Snowy and Yellow-edge and they are found in depths of 350 feet and deeper.

The off shore trolling will also be heating up. The water quality offshore has already changed to a cobalt blue and that brings in the pelagic species. These consist of the Mahi-Mahi, Tuna and Wahoo. There are typically a few White Marlin and Sailfish caught near the 100-fathom curve as well and an occasional Blue Marlin.

The Rig fishing for Yellow-fin Tuna will be getting better each week as the fishing pressure decreases due to football and hunting seasons coming in. An overnight trip is recommended for rig fishing.

So, if a fishing trip is on your bucket list or you just have a group of friends wanting to get out and enjoy the water, don’t hesitate to check us out at www.entertainercharter.com. Let us hook you up on your next fishing excursion. As we always say aboard the Entertainer, “may the good fishing be yours!”

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