Splash August

The 2018 Red Snapper season was a good one, but unfortunately it came to a close on July 21, 2018. The weather patterns during June and July were not the typical summer time weather that we usually experience here along our coast. It was way too wet and windy.

The good thing is that fall is just around the corner and the best weather and fishing is yet to come here on the gulf coast. Just about everything that swims will be biting and the only closure will be Red Snapper.

August 1st Gray Triggerfish and Greater Amberjack re-opens and will remain open until the quota is met for the year. This is huge because both species have been closed for the last couple of years.

Greater Amberjack, commonly called Reef Donkeys, are absolutely one of the toughest fighting fish that one will encounter while reef fishing. They love live bait and can be caught on most any of the larger public wrecks.

The daily bag limit is one per person per day and they have to be 34 inches to the fork. It is not uncommon to catch these fish 40 to 60 pounds.

Our staple Snapper now is the Vermilion Snapper. These fish do not get as larger as a Red Snapper, but eat just as well. The daily bag limit is 10 per person per day and it is hard not to catch a limit every trip.

Of course, there are other species of snapper that can be caught such as the Lane, Black and White Snapper.

All Groupers will be open throughout the fall as well. The Gag Grouper is our most common shallow water Grouper. The others such as the Scamp, Snowy and Yellow-Edge are all caught in the deeper waters.

If your into pelagic species such as Kingfish, Mahi and Tuna your in luck as well. The water quality is at its best during the next few months and these species love clean blue water.

Also the big game fish such as Marlin, Sailfish and Yellow-fin Tuna generally turn on during the fall months. Rig fishing is a favorite here, but it generally requires an overnight trip to score big due to the long distance run.

Maybe a fishing trip is still on your bucket list, but you don’t know how to go about it. Then give us a shout and let us hook you up on a great fishing adventure. As we always say “may the good fishing be yours!”

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