Tips for Catching Triggerfish in Pensacola Beach, FL This Spring Fishing Season

Triggerfish are a favorite target among Florida anglers, and they’re in season during the spring months. If you plan to come fishing in Pensacola Beach, FL in the next few months, you’ll likely come across these fish in reefs along the coast. The triggerfish is a favorite not just for its unique shape and characteristics, but also for its firm white fillets, which cook up better than many other fish you’ll find in the Florida waters.

Here’s some information about the fish you may find interesting or helpful as you join us for a fishing charter this spring.

Where to find them

You’ll not usually have a hard time spotting a triggerfish in aquariums. They stand out as being the fish with compressed, oval bodies covered in thick diamond scales. They also have some broad rear fins, with narrow tips that extend from the tail.

This gray triggerfish is the most common, and typically inhabits waters from 50 to 80 feet deep, but they occasionally can be found in some surprisingly shallow water, as little as 20 feet deep.

But if you’re looking for more dependable triggerfish angling areas, you’re going to want to search for areas that have lively bottom structures, such as artificial reefs, ledges or limestone outcroppings. Triggerfish can be a bit picky about where they like to hang out, and some angling enthusiasts occasionally go on dives to try to pinpoint areas where they’re most likely to be found. If you find these bottom structures, the triggerfish are most likely to orient themselves near the highest part of that structure.

Boat position and proper anchoring are also critical if you’re going to have success catching any triggerfish. If you’re off even slightly from where the triggerfish are located, you might not get any bites even though they’re right in your area. Again, they can be a bit picky.

Baits to use

Once you’ve found where those triggerfish are located, you’ll need to choose the best baits to get them biting. Divers who have observed triggerfish have seen them inverting themselves to face the sandy bottoms of their habitats, blowing around to locate sand dollars. Triggerfish are very much attracted to sand dollars and will go to great lengths to catch and eat them.

In other areas, triggerfish feed on mollusks and crustaceans. Barnacles and fiddler crabs can also make effective baits for triggerfish, as can chunks of grunt or pigfish. Squid is a premium food for triggerfish because it’s easy to handle, and it stays on a hook longer than other bait because of its natural toughness. Cutting the squid into strips rather than putting it on in chunks can be an effective means of fishing for triggerfish.

If you’re interested in learning more about fishing for triggerfish in Pensacola Beach, FL and the best strategies to use in your angling, we encourage you to contact the experts at Entertainer Charters, LLC today. We’ll be happy to offer more tips to help you ensure a successful and enjoyable trip!